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We consider ourselves to be guides on your road to retirement. We want to help you to take the best path toward financial confidence as you enter retirement. 

Here are some of the most common questions we help our clients to adress:

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Where will my money come from in retirement?

Each retiree is unique in how they have prepared for retirement, and as such, each retiree's income source will be different. But we help our clients evaluate sources like Social Security, retirement accounts, pensions, investments and continued employment as potential sources for retirement income.

When should I start collecting Social Security?

When determining when to start collecting your Social Security, we take factors like your current employment, your realistic life expectancy and your retirement goals into consideration. We can help you understand when the optimum time to collect might be for your financial situation.

What taxes do you pay after you retire?

Without a properly formed tax strategy in place, you may find yourself paying more taxes in retirement than you were when you were fully employed. We have navigated the quagmire of tax law for over 30 years and are familiar with the snags that you may hit along the way.

What kinds of unexpected expenses will I need to plan for in retirement?

This question is one of the most important ones that you can ask yourself! We have helped hundreds of families avoid ruined retirements by helping them prepare and plan for significant illness, a crisis for your child, the loss of a spouse and much more.

How will inflation affect my retirement?

You've probably noticed the costs of groceries and gas creeping up over the past few years, and it has you wondering, "Will I have enough to keep up with inflation?" We can help you to allocate assets in a way that can position you to better weather the increases that inflation will bring.

How much money do I need to retire?

Of course it all depends on you: your goals, your dreams, your health and your plans. We help people find this number every single day. We sit down with you and really get to know YOU, before we ever start talking about numbers.

What's the best way to help my children or grandchildren?

For many people, the best part of building wealth is knowing that it can help set future generations out on the right foot. We have the knowledge to help you consider the most efficient and tax advantaged ways to share the wealth.

How much can I budget for enjoyment?

Retirement is the first time that many of us have the chance to pursue our passions, from travel to fishing to art and more. It is important to lay out a plan for those pursuits as you retire. We can help you confidently enjoy your retirement.

Do I really need an estate plan?

Failure to plan for the continuation of your estate can leave your surviving family members with a tremendous tax burden and a legal labyrinth to navigate. This sort of planning is a priority for us, and we can help create a strategy to disburse your assets in the most meaningful way to you and your family.

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